Help us to translate OOdesk

You like OOdesk? You can help us, playing a part in this exciting undertaking! Help us to promote OOdesk in several languages.

Can I help?

Yes, if you have a perfect knowledge of your mother tongue and if you are endowed with a solid Web culture, you are quite liable to be helpful to us.

For the moment, we are essentially interested in Northern European languages but we may consider any other language.

What’s the job?

We plan to give every translator no more than few hours of work.

You can do translations online, the original text will always be in English.

Why don’t you apply to a firm to find translators?

We reckon that expert Internet users will be more skilled than a firm to find “the right word”. We don’t want to seem approximate.

I’m interested, what will I earn?

Nothing at the moment! But your name will be mentioned on our thanks page as a translator and you will be associated for a life time to the success of

Ok, great! Let’s go!

Thank you, we are really pleased. Send us an Email to, we’ll get in touch with you very soon.

OOdesk team.